"Matches Made in Heaven"

A new & inspirational Book 

by debut Author B.J. Forte

Every once in awhile, someone comes along that changes your life forever. Author B.J. Forte tells the story of asking and receiving in a novel written from her heart. Come along and share the unforgettable journey of friendship, love, and magic.


"Matches Made in Heaven" is the first in a series of three powerful books. Don't be surprised if you pick it up and can't put down. We encourage you to judge this one by the cover. It's not what you think. Neither are the next two.

Dare to open your heart for an unexpected and unforgettable journey. A timeless classic awaits. Based upon true events.


Author B.J. Forte


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"I cried tears of joy and connected with the entire book..."

Donna P- NY

"Brilliant! Confirmation is something this world needs, I'm going to order at least five books!"

Kim D- FL

"...a true account of finding faith and learning to trust again."

Craig TC- NY

"B.J. Forte nails the human spirit in Matches Made in Heaven..."

Alyson P- NY

"Unexpectedly warms your heart right down to your soul!"

Holly- NY

"One of my favorite books I've ever read...thank you for sharing it with the world."

Noelle P- NY

"Matches Made in Heaven grabs you from the start. It restores the magic and wonder in your soul and heart. Thank you B.J. Forte."

Scott V- NY

"Absolutely amazing and beautiful....I couldn't put your book down 'til I finished. I am not one for reading books...."

 Don - NY

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