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About Author B.J. Forte



​I am author B.J. Forte, and this is my story.


​My journey into writing was quite a surprise. In the summer of 2018, everything started falling apart for me. By winter of that year, I was a single mom, struggling to heal from a brain tumor, and without income. I was starting all over.

For the first time in 45 years, I found myself looking up at the heavens and asking for someone to help, unsure of what or who would show up.

A couple of months later, a stranger appeared and asked me to write his life story. From the start, his rich childhood memories of heroes, rebels, and teachers captivated my heart.  The characters were real and so were the lessons. I was inspired to complete the project and share this treasure with the world.

​It took one year to write "Matches Made in Heaven- An Unforgettable Journey," The journey transformed me into a believer.

​So, don't stop asking and never stop believing! The answers to everything will always be placed in front of you, if you are willing to listen and let your heart see what your mind cannot.


Stay tuned for the rest of the trilogy.


​Thank you for sharing this journey with me!



B.J. Forte


Original book artwork by Artist Yvette Gilbert

First Cover Sketch

This was the first cover illustration for "Matches Made in Heaven" by Yvette Gilbert.


Chapter 7- "The Real Moon River"

The River Wansbeck in Morpeth, England.


Chapter 11- "Buzz Me Number Two"

At the barbershop with three WWII Heroes.


"Treasure Case"

After you read "Matches Made in Heaven" you may rethink your definition of "treasures."


Chapter 6- "The Sitters"

Not your typical sitters.


Chapter 10- "The Perfect Tree"

Adventures with Granddad and his friends.


A Different Place and Time- Morpeth, England

Shiny shoes and special Sundays with Granddad.