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"Matches Made in Heaven"

"What a beautiful story! This is inspirational and spiritual. I cried tears of joy, and connected with the entire book."

Donna - NY

"You penned the only book I've ever read that I had to put down often even though I couldn't put it down. Brilliant. Confirmation is something this world needs more of and I'm going to order at least five books to send to some friends.

I think it will change their hearts."

Kim D - FL

"Matches Made in Heaven is a true account of finding faith and learning to trust again. B.J. Forte takes the reader on a heartfelt adventure filled with hilarious scenes and many tears, in the most unexpected way. A beautiful story that will leave you a believer. You will smile for days after reading this book."

Craig- NY

"B.J. Forte nails the human spirit in Matches Made in Heaven, providing proof of how human connection can heal the soul in this journey we call life. If you are looking for answers to some of life's challenges, this book is guaranteed to restore faith in things only the heart can see."

Alyson- NY

"Unexpectedly warms your heart right down to your soul!"

Holly- NY

"One of my favorite books I've ever read...thank you for sharing it with the world."

Noelle- NY

"Absolutely brilliant. Read half, went to bed, woke at three to finish. Made me laugh and cry. I will definitely read again and again."

Christine C- Newcastle, England

"Finished the book last week. Very well done. Looking forward to the next book."

Steve- NY

"I thought I'd read the first chapter this afternoon but I've finished the whole book. Bloody brilliant."

Thelma- Newcastle, England

"Matches Made in Heaven grabs you from the start. It takes you on a journey that you need to see through the end, yet the whole time never wanting it to end. It restores the magic and wonder in your soul and heart. Thank you B.J. Forte"

Scott V- NY

"Absolutely amazing and beautiful. Sitting in my car in front of the diner for the last hour I couldn't put your book down till I finished. And that is the best compliment I could give you especially since I am not one for reading books. But I look forward to book # two. Amazing."

 Don - NY

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