Every once in a while, someone comes along that changes your life forever.


New author B.J. Forte tells a story of asking for help and receiving it from the most unexpected source.


"Matches Made in Heaven- An Unforgettable Journey" is the first in a trilogy that will change your perspective on everything and everyone in your life.


Written from her heart, the author delights in hilarious stories from real-life heroes. She proves that treasures are everywhere, and magic is real if you search with your heart and not your mind. 


An extraordinary friendship, a lifetime of stories, plus an ending you didn't expect.


Come along and share the unforgettable journey of friendship, love, and magic.


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"B.J. Forte nails the human spirit in Matches Made in Heaven, providing proof of how human connection can heal the soul in this journey we call life. If you are looking for answers to some of life's challenges, this book is guaranteed to restore faith in things only the heart can see." - Dr. Alyson Peluso


"Matches Made in Heaven is a true account of finding faith and learning to trust again. B.J. Forte takes the reader on a heartfelt adventure filled with hilarious scenes and many tears, in the most unexpected way. A beautiful story that will leave you a believer. You will smile for days after reading this book." - Craig Thorpe-Clark, Professional Coach/Voice Actor


"What a beautiful story! This is inspirational and spiritual. I cried tears of joy, and connected with the entire book." - Donna Pinnelli, Cardiac Nurse


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Matches Made in Heaven- An Unforgettable Journey (Paperback)

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